Global Sales for Software Start-ups

Over 50 years of experience on selling software globally

The Global sales imperative

The limitation to Startups going global is mainly a lack of experience and contacts in key markets around the world, plus the time and cost required to develop a global sales network.

Startware Global Sales Network

Our partners are experienced sales executives, company entrepreneurs and Service organisations located around the world to achieve sales of the Startware Global portfolio.

How we help Start-ups

Startware Global provides the expertise to challenge and test the business plan, validate the sales & marketing approach and help accelerate the launch of products locally and globally.

Partner network

Locally and Globally

  • Local knowledge and long-term trusted relationships are critical for business success
  • Our partners are Sales Executives, Entrepreneurs and Service organisations


Strategic Platforms and Alliances

The team


Christopher Crowe

Co-founder & CEO

John Ross

Co-founder & COO

Eric Schwantler

Co-founder & CTO

Interesting Facts

Feedback from our Clients, Partners and Associates

“too many start-ups fail to understand that great innovation doesn’t equal $$$ ”

”why can’t you sell internationally in your 1st year of business?"

“how to leverage 50 years experience as a Start-Up"

“Especially for SaaS companies, getting into the global market is an opportunity to grow ahead of your competition”,"

“One of the myths of SaaS is that the products are so good, so easy to use, so quick to deploy … that the product sells itself. “

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