Startware Global

taking local business global.


Startware Global has experienced founders and a global network to help Software Startups develop their business strategies and rapidly expand global sales.

The Global Sales Imperative.

Most start-ups identify an opportunity and build a business in their home market using local support networks. At some point, there is a need for global expansion but with limited funds this can be a huge challenge.

The limitation to Startups going global initially is mainly a lack of experience and contacts in key markets around the world, plus the time and cost required to develop a global sales network.

According to a study by McKinsey, a software company needs to either grow fast or die slow. And the growth needs to be sustained. One of the ways to achieve this is through global expansion

Software Startups need to be ready to quickly expand sales into global markets or risk losing business to a competitor. Another key point is that Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists will have a focus on those Startups that have the potential to sell globally.

Our Sales Network.

Startware Global understands the need for Startups to quickly expand in overseas markets and has established a global sales network in key geographic locations focused on marketing and selling SaaS solutions. Local knowledge and relationships are critical ingredients for overseas business success.

This on the ground global sales network comprises a team of Associates that are differentiated by experience, expertise, location and the business model that each is pursuing.

Our associates are made up of experienced sales executives (Directors), company entrepreneurs (Partners) and Service organizations who have a common ambition to leverage the StartWare Global offer to achieve growth in verticals and regions around the world.

How we help.

Startware Global provides the expertise on what is needed to launch products globally with the sales and marketing tools necessary to enable success through a global network of Associates.

Startware Global not only offers clients the ability to expand though our global sales network,but also advisory services utilising the extensive expertise and experience of the Founders and the Startware Global network of Associates.

Startware Global’s advisory services can be utilised by Startups or their Investors to help develop the business model and marketing/sales strategy. Depending on the client’s needs, the advisory services are offered separately or together with a global sales agreement.

Global Sales for Startups

access global sales through the Startware Global sales network.

Advisory services for both Startups and their Investors

utilise the experience and expertise of the Founders in your business setup and development.