Our Team

StartWare Global’s key differential is its ability to attract and maintain an extensive network of business associates around the world with a common mission of offering our software start-up partners a platform for International Sales.Our associates are made up of experienced sales executives (Directors), company entrepreneurs (Partners) and Service organisations who have a common ambition to leverage what StartWare Global offer to achieve growth in verticals and regions around the world.The map below highlights the locations for our Alliance Partners.

Alliance Partners

Associate Directors are a qualified group of individuals that are assigned to promote and sell the products and solutions under the StartWare Global Group.

Each Director has a unique expertise in a particular discipline that adds to the comprehensive knowledge of the StartWare Global team locally and internationally.

Our list of Associate Directors is too numerous to list but are indicated by locations on the map above. If you are reaching out to locate an Associate, click on the map market and send an email to a regional contact.

Associate Partners are companies that are existing businesses formally associated with StartWare Global with a common mission to enhance their portfolio using the Groups products and solutions.

Each Associate Partner is unique in its own way with their vertical segment approach offering high value to Customers in their geographic region..

StartWare Global recognizes the value that IT and Consulting Organizations bring to businesses. Our Service Partners can offer a wide range of Services including assessment, implementation or even a full managed capability based on our solutions for their customers.

This association of practice and capability delivers an impressive offering to the many Customers we have Internationally.