About Corethix

Corethix is an Australian software start up created by a team of founders with extensive experience working in corporate management and integrity risk compliance.

Corethix is a fully integrated online integrity risk compliance platform designed to protect the reputation of your business from people related incidents.

Without this protection, your business is vulnerable to reputational risk and personal liability for the managers, directors and the board.

What is Integrity Risk?

Integrity risk is the risk to your organisation from your people doing the wrong thing. This includes fraud, anti-competitive behaviour, bribery and corruption, sexual harassment, bullying behaviour and cyber-crime.

What are the consequences?

  • Managers, directors and the board are personally exposed
  • Brand and reputation damage
  • Regulatory fines, criminal charges
  • Cost impact
  • Culture impact, people turnover
  • Operational impact
  • Human rights, Fair work & OH&S prosecutions

How to protect your organisation

Use the Corethix software platform

  • Simple to setup and use
  • Available anytime and on any device
  • 8 integrated and pre-configured modules covering all elements of integrity risk
  • Each module is selectable to suit any type of organisation
  • Detailed dashboard and Integrity Risk Index for management reporting


IRI Survey

If you believe that you have tools and processes in place to manage the integrity risk of your organisation, then why not complete a short questionnaire which will calculate your Integrity Risk Index (IRI).
If the result is above 50, then you have an active program in place.
If the result is below 50 then your organisation is at risk and you should start a free trial or get in contact with us.

IRI Survey

Try before you Buy

We offer a free, no-obligation trial of Corethix without the need to signup with your credit card. Just click the button below.

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