Startware Global Established

The story behind how Startware Global started

Eric Schwantler
April 21, 2016

Some years ago several of the founders realised the innovators and entrepreneurs of the future were no longer in the corporate world of big business. The trail led to software start-ups where age wasn’t seen as a lack of experience, every idea was possible and delivering solutions to a customer need was overnight.Dropping the suit and tie, the team started consulting with SaaS start-ups and it didn't take long (and many red wines) to identify a big need in the market. Startups have great ideas and products but precious few resources especially in the commercial front office - selling. Without generating sales quickly, most SaaS start-ups fail and that dream product never reaches that critical mass market.StartWare Global was established to solve this dilemma - offering a front office of experienced sales executives who know how to sell and market software solutions. Attracting a dynamic business group that knows how companies operate having all worked at all levels and functions, momentum is building - already in a dozen countries.  The platform is ready to go so if you are a Start-Up looking to grow locally and internationally its time to get StartWare involved with your business.