Murphy Davis Management offers services with Startware Global

Chris Crowe
June 5, 2017

Welcome to Murphy Davis Management (MDM), specialist integrity risk management solutions for corporations, government and professional sports organisations.

MDMs advisory, investigation and ‘Speak up” Hotline services ensure organisations are able to prevent, detect and respond to a range of fraud, corruption and misconduct issues to protect their brand, reputation, people and bottom line.

Directors Paul Davis and Darren Murphy started MDM in 2016 as a result of an increased demand by organisations for integrity risk management solutions offered in a proactive, flexible and cost effective manner.

“On the back of several high-profile incidents we began speaking to our industry peers and recognised there was a genuine appetite from organisations to do more to proactively manage their integrity-related risks,“ said Paul.”The problem was, they didn’t know exactly how to go about it. So Darren and I went away and came up with a cost effective service suite under the prevent, detect and respond mantra to directly address integrity issues”.

“Perhaps not surprisingly after recent incidents, an area we saw the greatest opportunity to provide value was whistleblower management and program implementation, ” said Darren. “Our view is and has always been, that putting people and their welfare first provides organisations with their best opportunity to combat integrity risks early and to protect the organisation's reputation. What was surprising is just how many corporate and professional sporting organisations got on board with us so early, with a particular interest in our Whistle-blower review and implementation service. Here we work with our clients to review their current program and enhance it to ensure it is market leading and best practice. Ultimately our goal is to transform whistle-blowing one organisation at a time.” 

Paul said, “Darren’s right, one of the first clients we commenced working with was the Australian Rugby Union. It’s fair to say the ARU are leaders in sports integrity risk management so it’s been a rewarding experience to partner with them and provide the integrity risk management solutions they require”. 

Startware Global became aware of Murphy Davis Management through Whispli, the anonymous two-way platform that receives and manages information securely in a cloud-based application.

“It became obvious that both companies had a common customer portfolio locally. So the logical question was ‘how could we offer more capability and services’ to the industry” said Christopher Crowe CEO of Startware global.

Startware Global has established quite a comprehensive network of Associate Directors and Partners across the globe. “With MDM and Sportsafe joining the network we can now offer their unique service capability to other partners and customers across the world” Christopher added.