Startware Global has expanded our client base to the United Sates.

BCI Technologies Inc is an industrial communication and automation solutions provider located in Florida, USA. They have two divisions, one focussing on Water and the other on Power and have partner arrangements with large corporations such as Schneider Electric , GE and Moxa.

Established in 1990, BCI Technologies excels in complex systems, that require "Industrial Strength" products. “Our clients expect systems that are on-line, all the time, with rock-solid integrity. We set our goals to exceed their expectations and deliver outstanding support. We believe support begins with training and educating our clients to empower them with knowledge and tools they need to realize their goals”.

The founder of BCI Technologies, Gil Blackburn, immediately saw the benefit of using the Corethix platform to provide easy access for his employees to view and attest their policies and procedures, and to ensure that all employees Certifications are up to date.

Gil also believes that implementing the Corethix platform is in line with one of his company’s core values which is to be - “Ethical. Be respectful, honest, and fair. Have integrity”

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