Startware partner changes business name

Chris Crowe
August 24, 2017

Since launching Murphy Davis Management in mid-2016 we have been pleasantly surprised at the rapid interest we have gained across corporate and government organisations as well as professional sporting organisations regarding our specialised integrity risk management approach. Using our 40 years of experience in integrity risk management, our clients and extended network have quickly embraced our fresh and innovative approach to integrity risk management where we place people at the centre of everything we do. Forget the clichés, we know first-hand the vital role that your people play at all levels of your organisation in driving the culture and ultimately your success. As we have continued on this journey over the past 12 months, one thing has become clear: Integrity is at the CORE of everything you do inside your organisation and it’s at the core of everything we do as we strive to help protect your people, your reputation and your bottom line. One brand, one focus We started out with two distinct brands. Murphy Davis Management servicing our corporate clients who were interested in a fresh approach to tackling integrity risks and Sportsafe Solutions which brought a more holistic and corporate approach to how professional sporting codes and organisations deal with the increasing risks integrity issues are posing both on and off the field. Today we bring those two brands together with the launch of Core Integrity - an integrated and specialised integrity risk management company that helps corporate, government and sporting organisations protect their greatest assets: their people, their reputations and their bottom lines.

We would love to invite you to join the Core community where we provide regular updates and share insights on what is happening across the integrity landscape.Here are some of our recent and most popular posts that you might find interesting:

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