Strategic Sense joins the Startware Global network

Eric Schwantler
September 13, 2017

Introducing Strategic Sense Inc., a transformation consulting group bringing Enterprise Transformation Agility to organizations and providing people strategies and solutions to enterprise transformation and change initiatives from leadership through to the front lines.

Strategic Sense Inc. is committed to advising organizations in their capacity to transform ethically and with transparency providing a solid value chain alignment throughout the organization. Patti Blackstaffe, CEO of Strategic Sense Inc. says a core piece of the puzzle in transforming business and culture is trust.

“A foundational value-add for our customers is to address the very real and difficult task of unethical or harassing behaviors in a way that allows for anonymity, but still supports the organization’s ability to govern ethically and exceed employment standards, thus protecting the organization.” said Patti.

“Our alliance with Startware Global supports the many challenges that our clients face in addressing difficult behaviors that typical corporate processes are ill-designed to achieve. The Whispli-Fraudsec software provides a platform that eliminates the gaps in whistleblowing and reporting, the security built into the software allows us to build a solid adoption plan where trust can be achieved if wrong-doing is discovered. An ethical and transparent foundation of trust is key to keeping top talent within the technology, education, and energy & renewables industries.”

Startware Global welcomes the alliance with Strategic Sense in Canada. “Our search to partner with companies that value-add our strategic offers continues with Strategic Sense” said Eric Schwantler CTO of Startware Global. “This is consistent with what we see requested by Customers and delivers a strong collaboration by both companies”.